What everyone wants to know before buying a replica is how to distinguish a good imitation watch from the numerous bad fakes that are out there. First, be prepared to run some extensive searches on the Internet and also to face some serious disappointments. There is no such thing like a perfect replica. Only the original watch is perfect. A replica is simply a copy and it is more or less accurate, depending on its manufacturer. Second, knowledge is everything. You need to know everything there is to know about the appearance and functionality of the original watch, and only by knowing all this and running a thorough comparison you will be able to select a worthy imitation watch.

Genuine AP 1



Fake AP


In this article I will present the obvious differences that anyone could spot with the naked eye when comparing these two photos: one of the original watch and the other one of a replica.  From the start you will notice that the original button has a shinier and elegant finish, while the replica is more polished, matte and, honestly, it has a pretty rough look.  The size also seems a little bit off. The authentic watch seems to have a smaller and more discrete button whereas on the knockoff the proportions are different. The button is wider and bulkier. Another visible imperfection is the threads on the upper pushing part of the button. This part should not have any dents, lines or threads on its surface. It should be smooth and shiny.

Most people would probably think that these two watches are authentic. Recognizing a good replica out of dozens of similar products, it is surely not an easy task. Only those who have the basic knowledge about the watch they are passionate about are able to identify from the start the basic differences between the original one and a replica, and end up buying  a good quality imitation watch.